Hi there! I’m Nicola

I’m an Android Engineer a Community Lover and a Traveller.


I’m working as an Android Infrastructure Engineer at Yelp , connecting millions of users with great local businesses worldwide. My main role is to develop libraries and tool for the Android Community at Yelp. I’m committed to provide high quality material and I love to engage my colleagues into new technologies.

I have a serious thing for good design. I just want to take care of every single pixel on your screen, to deliver the best user experience to the final user.

I’m also in love with open source. Checkout my Github profile to see my projects and get in touch!

Community & Public Speaking

I love to create communities wherever I go!

I really enjoy connecting developers around me, and I love to offer new public speaking opportunities to everyone. I’m currently managing:

I also really enjoy public speaking and sharing my experiences. You can checkout some of my slides and videos in the talks page. Are you looking for speakers? I’m happy to travel and come to your meetup/conference! Just send me a mail.


In my free time, I travel! I really can’t stop visiting new places and taking pictures. If you want to follow my travels, make sure to don’t miss my Instagram profile.

Drop me a message if you’re around. I’ll be more than happy to offer you an Espresso ☕️!

Copenhagen 2018
Copenhagen 2018